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Our new koi shipment will arrive by
March 20, 2014
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May 17, 2014
Featured Items

Hi-Silk 21 Koi Food
Hi--Silk 21

Hi-Silk 21 is being fed to many champion Koi to produce beautiful sheen in the colors of Nishikigoi, especially the white of Nishikigoi. The growth rates of Nishikigoi are noticeably faster than other high protein food without causing the stomach of Nishikigoi to bulge and the body conformation is improved as the results of Hi-Silk 21. We import and stock a few hundred bags of Hi-Silk 21 directly from Japan to bring the lowest cost to our customers.

Niigata Koi Food

Niigata Growth Performance is an all year round floating Koi food specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients for easy digestion and fast growth. Niigata Color Performance is a high protein Koi food specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients for enhancing colors and fast growth.

Replacement UV Lamps
Replacement Lamps

Replacement lamps for ultraviolit light units. UV Lamps are recommended to be replaced every year.

Koi Water Pond Water Conditioner
Koi Water

Chlorine and chloramines are added to tap water to sanitize the water for human consumption, but they are very toxic to koi and aquatic animals. When adding tap water to pond, it is very important that chlorine, chloramines, and associated ammonia be removed from tap water.

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