Japanese Koi Paintings

Besides the passion for beautiful Nishikigoi, I also have the passion for beautiful Nishikigoi paintings.


I traveled to many parts of the world in search of artists who have the talents for painting Nishikigoi.


I proudly introduce the paintings of Ms. Tammie Hao,  Mr. Thomas Nguyen, Mr. Victor Tuong , Ms. Laura Son and Mr. Larry Ngoc.


The process of painting Nishikigoi is meticulous; paying closely attention to body conformations, eyes, fins, scales, different patterns and varieties of Nishikigoi.  It takes each artist approximately 2-6 weeks(80 hours to 240 hours) to complete each painting.   


Custom painting of your own koi is also available by providing our artists a photo of your koi or your koi pond that you want to paint.  Let us know your preference of the background of the painting and  within 8-12 weeks the painting would be completed and delivered to your home for $300-$600.  A 50% deposit is required for custom painting.


All our koi paintings can be shipped, without frame, anywhere in the world for $15.  It is more practical to have frames made at local picture framing store than to have them shipped from our store


Tom Tse

Owner of Tse Koi Inc.