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Advanced Fiberglass Ponds

Kidney-Shaped Fiberglass Ponds

Our fiberglass tanks are manufactured for the purpose of durability. It is a lot thicker than the conventional fiberglass tanks. When purchase, our staff can cut holes for bottom drains, skimmers, and returns to the customers preference, free of charge. All these tanks are stocked at our facility all year round.

All kidney ponds available are 3 feet deep.

SKU Description Dimensions Volume Price Order
  Kidney-Shaped Pond 11' 8" x 6' 1,300 gal. 1950.00 PLEASE CALL
  Kidney-Shaped Pond 14' 8" x 7' 2,040 gal. 2650.00 PLEASE CALL
  Kidney Shaped Pond 19' 8" x 7' 6" 2,880 gal. 3850.00 PLEASE CALL

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